Cue 2

Cue 2
Cue 2
Cue 2
€ 535,00 excl. vat € 647.35 incl. vat
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Custom in ear headphone

This special In-Ear Headphones is focused on the low frequencies. Using two large multi-bass speakers, the bass frequencies to 3oo Hz are boosted while the mid and high surprisingly remain natural.







Replaceable Cable

3 per side

119 dB/mw


14 Ohm

50 inch (127 cm)





Customize with glitters and other materials: 

The standard colors for the Cue series are transparent beige or clear, free of charge. But you can also personalize your inears even more by customizing them into your favourite color.

  • Package 1: Only the outside, incl. logo's or initials € 40,00 ex VAT
  • Package 2: Inside and outside ,incl. logo's or initials € 60,00 ex VAT

You can see some examples here.


  • Artwork Steampunk € 30,00 ex VAT
  • Artwork Swarovski € 30,00 ex VAT
  • Matching ear gear € 100,00 ex VAT examples here