Custom in-ear monitors

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Custom in-ear monitors

In-ear monitors have really made some big changes in recent years. Where floor and side fill monitors lose ground, in-ear monitoring is becoming increasingly more popular. We know how it works: guitar and bass amplifiers are turned up higher to be louder than the drummer and then the floor monitors for the vocals are turned up higher so they can hear themselves sing, and preferable at the entire length of the stage. The party is complete... Hearing damage becomes a fact while we're actually still not really satisfied with all that dB violence. With an in-ear monitor to shut off all that noise and to determine how loud you want to hear something, we can create a more relaxing situation. You're going to handle better your most sensitive organ more gently and thus prevent hearing damage. 

For a gardener in his middle age it is annoying that he can no longer enjoy the morning birds, but for a musician in middle age the consequences are much larger. Thank goodness for  hearingaids but prevention is always better than a cure, and in the case of hearing loss, there is no cure.

What type of in-ears do you choose

The market of custom in-ear monitors is become increasingly complex due to more and more models, traders and suppliers. We often hear that it is difficult to make a choice from all available types and models. Everyone experiences sound on its own way and not every musician wants to hear the same as the other. Bassists or drummers may choose another type of in-ear monitor than singers. In practice, the most extensive "most expensive" Custom In-Ear monitor is not always the best solution for each musician. Therefore Ears4U has a much more logical sollution: to first let he muscucian listen to all Custom IEM models before a choice is made. Thus, the user can experience the sound of all different models themselves and make the right choice before the in-ears are custom made.