Let’s go for it

Listen first

Before making your choice, you should be able to listen to all different types of monitors. The application but also taste can affect the choice you make. Tha's why Ears4u offers the 'listen up' demo kit, by which you can listen to each model before making your choice.

Making the impression

The Ears4u monitors are custommade and handmade. Becasue two ears are never the same we have to make an impression first. You don't need to clean your ears before we make the impression. On the contrary; don't do it! When there might be an obstruction we will notice it and act accordingly. You won't be able to remove it with a cotton tip becasue you will only press it deeper in your ear. 


To create the awesome sounding and perfict fitting Inear we have to create the shell by the shape if the impression.The impression is molded so the shell can be easily inserted in the ear, sits comfortably, but also and provides a perfect seal and has good retention in your ear.  We build the drivers and filters inside the acryllic shell. These drivers are different in size and all have their own individual frequencyrange. Depending on the type, one or more drivers will be fitted. In a multi-way system there are electrical components built in for hte cross-over filter. This filter sends the correct frequencies to each driver. Also acoustical filters are applied so the frequency characters are balanced correctly. After the final finishing with an antibactrial laquering all monitors are acousticly tested by us.