Custom hearing protection 

Custommade hearing protection

 Our custommade hearing protection are equipped with a special DM music filter. 


DM Filter:

This filter is ideally suited as hearing protection for music. The music filter has a flat attenuation over the entire frequency range. There is no distortion in the music while the volume goes down.



With an average attenuation of 15 dB, you can still have a conversation and the music sounds beautiful. This filter is mostly used by festival-goers, by musicians during rehearsals and so on.

When you're  in a very loud environment for a long time, we recommend filters with a little more damping. With DJ's in the booth the volume often goes extra high because you need to hear the cue over the monitor in the booth. With a 20 dB attenuation, the music remains intact but you'll need some more focus to have a conversation.