Custom Sleeves

Custom made sleeves

Do you have universal inears but the fit just doest feel right? They're a bit uncomfortable or the sound seems out of balance? Maybe the custom sleeves are a good sollution for you. Custom sleeves offer the best personal fit, and have better sound isolation than the universal sleeves included with Shure earphones. Note that custom molds are unique to your ear canal AND unique to your earphone model.  If you change to a different earphone model, you will need new custom molds.


How does it work?

Becuase the sleeves are custom made they provide perfect fit that will give more wearing comfort. The sleeve laso ensures perfect seal which ensures balanced sound. The sleeves are made form soft silicone material and has a silicone anti-bacterial lacquering.


For what type of inears are these sleeves made for?

The custom made sleeves are suitable for any universal inear that is usually equipped with the standard rubber dome. The most commonly used brands are Shure, Westone or Ultimate Ears. Is your type of inear not in this list? We can develop a new sleeve that will fit your inear model.